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Frustrated with Family Court? Try Mediation with Michele!

Frustrated with Family Court? Try Mediation with Michele!

Remain in control of major life decisions. Avoid hostility associated with court battles. Come up with a resolution in an AFFORDABLE manner. Learn to manage emotions. Michele is a Mediator in Sarnia. Meetings can take place in her office or in the convenience of your home.

Family mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution where a neutral third party can help parties resolve issues arising out of their family law matter. Issues for mediation may include custody, access, child support, spousal support, and division of property. Mediation is a non-adversarial process which allows the parties to discuss the issues in a safe environment and work towards a mutual agreement. Mediation is appropriate for parties who can communicate their needs and concerns, listen to the needs and concerns of the other party, and who are willing to work out an agreement in the most affordable way.

The potential benefits of mediation may include saving time and money as well as reducing the conflict between the parties. If there are children of the relationship, mediation helps the parties remember that they will always be parents, and as such will still need to maintain a businesslike co-parenting civil relationship to increase the chance that the children can thrive, be healthy and cope with the many changes in their lives.

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