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Advertising Opportunities

With thousands of people visiting the Classifieds and Sarnia Online every single day, why is your business not advertising here?

Over the past 10 years, the Classifieds has seen a massive boost in users, items posted and business advertisements. With an average of over 3,500,000 hits per month, your Classifieds advertisement is subject to a diverse and growing audience across Sarnia-Lambton and beyond.

  • Daily hits of 130,000+ each day
  • High afternoon and evening viewership
  • Average of 3,500,000 hits per month
  • Loyal Sarnia-Lambton buyers and sellers

Value Business Ads

Perfect for businesses or for individuals selling items with a sale price of more than $15,000. Value Business Ads appear at the top of the main Classifieds page for the duration of the post and feature:

  • Your custom Headline
  • Up to 500 words
  • Contact info
  • Email address
  • Text formatting tools (bold, italics, center, etc.)
  • Upload one photo
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Edit fonts, attributes and colours

Starting at $19.95/week!
Save more when you buy multiple weeks

Order Your Ad Here

Placing Your Advertisement

To place a free, non commercial, ad click here.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Banner placement is subject to availability. All rates are gross and do not include applicable taxes. All advertising is subject to approval before acceptance or posting. No interstitial banners will be accepted. Sarnia Online Classifieds reserves the right to decline banner adverts at its discretion, and/or if they conflict with the interests of the sponsors of particular pages.

Sarnia Online Classifieds will never become involved in any dispute between an advertiser and a customer who found the advertiser on Sarnia Online Classifieds and affiliate web sites. A sponsor's mere advertising presence on Sarnia Online Classifieds and affiliate web sites should not be construed as any type of overt, implied or tacit approval of that sponsor by Sarnia Online Classifieds or its affiliates. Sarnia Online Classifieds will never arbitrate, mediate or otherwise enter a dispute on behalf of either side of the disputing parties.

Sarnia Online Classifieds will not accept any new advertising for Internet access, domain registration, web hosting, and website design or related services as these compete directly with services provided by Sarnia Online Classifieds.

Sarnia Online Classifieds reserves the right to reject or terminate any advertising that fails to conform to applicable laws and regulations, Sarnia Online Classifieds policies, the public interest, or that it deems to be inappropriate for any reason. We may reject or remove any advertisement for a website which is not functional. Additionally, ads that are in direct competition with our domain registration, hosting, and website builder services will not be accepted.

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